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Client Testimonials

Read what my clients, past and present have to say about coaching with Ignite.

If you'd like to book a discovery call, hit the link and let's chat.

Renee C

Inspired by Erin's own fitness journey, I took a leap of faith and decided that I too wanted to change my lifestyle the way she had. Erin has helped me grow immensely. In that time, she helped me find my confidence starting in the gym for the first time, as I was very self conscious. I value her extensive knowledge of the body and I have learned so much about myself. She also happens to be fun, adaptive, attentive, passionate, and a true cheerleader - always rooting for me, no matter how small the feat. Actually, the most special thing I found working with Erin is her unique ability to recognise the differences in me when I am emotionally struggling and need support. Or, when I am physically underperforming and need a push. I feel seen and taken care of by Erin. She is fantastic at her job, a delight to work with and a true role model.

Kristie P

jMy first contact with Erin was after I joined the gym and had the option to have a PT session. I have not looked back. I had previously done gym sessions and programs but have never been able to get the same results I have achieved so far. Erin has always been able to answer any questions I have either about programming, food or recipes.

Erin has surely been an inspiration to me after seeing her own transformation, her mindset and determination. This has surely helped me be more motivated and organised, especially with my meals and living a much healthier lifestyle.

My plan originally was to be toned, but realised there is so much more than just that. I feel fantastic and so happy with the progress I have been able to achieve with Erin.

Khalil K

I had been training without a PT for a few months before I joined Ignite Bodies by Erin Lee. I was making progress but is was slow and I wasn't sure what exercises I should be focusing on for better results. A friend referred me to Erin and I enquired about joining her program. It was super easy and the consultation provided all the information I needed so I was aware what is offered from the program. I have been following the program for 20 weeks now and I can't imagine going to another PT. Erin is very knowledgeable and really wants me to achieve my full potential. The weekly check-ins always give me something to improve on each week and has helped me progress very quickly in my journey by focusing on nutrition and catered exercises. The training is customised for each client and they are able to be altered to accomodate your lifestyle and training needs. If you're on the fence about joining, I encourage anyone to request a consultation. You won't regret it!

Teesh P

I have so much to say about Erin! I trained with Erin online for both nutrition and training guidance. She has been the best coach I've ever worked with. She is the most supportive person. Whenever I'd feel down about my body, she'd bring the positivity back into my mind. Any small or big accomplishment I'd made, she'd tell me how proud she is. That is exactly what you need in a coach. Someone to hold you accountable but also acknowledge your progress! She has been so amazing to me even though I've been the slackest client ever (lol) Constantly giving me advice on training & nutrition whenever I needed help. Her workout plans are bloody amazing and the nutrition guide and that side of everything is like no other. Her check-ins are so in depth and cover everything you could possibly need to go through each week. I'd recommend Erin to anyone and everyone who is looking for a coach. Everything is so personalised to your own goals and your own self. Erin will push you to be the best version of yourself and help you every step of the way. I wouldn't have fathered train with anyone else. 
Erin, thank you for being the best coach imaginable.

Jacqui K

Erin's first words to me were;

"This journey is a marathon not a sprint"

With her personal story and her photo diary to show it, one becomes hooked. Erin is an amazing Personal Trainer who drives people to see the best in themselves and provides the ultimate support through the good and the bad. When training with Erin you have her 100% attention as she watches your technique and movement and offers words of encouragement to push you through the pain!! There are always lots of laughs and plenty of celebrations to recognise your success.

Erin Lee is one of a kind in the fitness domain, who I would highly recommend.

Dana T

Erin has provided much more than your regular fitness trainer. I am 50 years and have multiple chronic conditions which have impacted my metabolic rate, weight and physical fitness for decades. I have always been moderately active and tried many fitness programs, diets and various protocols over the years to which became very frustrating. So much of it was very conflicting and I was not achieving a good balance of health and wellbeing.

I commenced the physical training and nutritional education program with Erin earlier this year which has taken me to new levels with both my physical and mental health. I have been empowered with new information and support that is targeted to my needs and it is making a positive difference in my everyday life. Erin has a huge wealth of experience with health conditions and relevant nutrition which is much needed and valued to me.

I still have a long way to go in my journey, but would not be able to do this without the dedicated support, passionate and genuine down to earth Erin!

Liz M

Erin's help and support with my training has been awesome. She's always happy to help. Having Erin has been a great inspiration, seeing her work so hard on her workouts makes me want to aim harder.


Jason P

This women is an inspiration just take a look at we're she has come from and we're she is today.
As someone who has spent time around PTs, I know somewhat how they operate but Erin differs from the the usual, she listens, understands and she will find what is your motivation.
All of this is tailored to suit you and your goals.
I have seen big improvements in my health and physical ability and shape.
Erin is a real life example of consistency and effort.

Kellie N

I was a long time watcher of Erin's Insta page until one day I decided "just do it".

Literally the best decision I have made for my fitness journey.

Erin has taught me so much and all by on line training... all the essential information regarding training, form, performance, foods, mindset, sleep, water intake and so much more.

Weekly check ins a must for support and encouragement, ideas and constructive feedback.

Huge thanks to Erin for giving me the tools and knowledge to live my best life for my health and fitness.

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