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I was over weight, under eating, then binging, drinking excessively and living ‘my best life’!

Or was I?

I definitely wasn’t thriving that is for certain.

I made the decision that things needed to change.

I’d tried every challenge, fad diet, HIIT class, ridiculous amounts of cardio, restricting carbs and nothing ever changed long term. I was missing education and a long lasting overhaul of my

‘lifestyle’ and 'habits'.


I found my first ‘real’ coach and my life changed. No more restricting, no more fads or excessive cardio and no more excuses. Instead, I got a whole lot of education and everything changed. I changed. I stopped chasing an end result and started enjoying the journey. I focused on where I was 'now' and I became focused more on discovering what

incredible new things I could achieve daily instead of wishing I was always further ahead. Because in reality, every day I was further ahead than I was the day before and that was something I really could be proud of.

I did a lot of breaking down and rebuilding of my life. A lot of self discovery and growth. I walked away from anything that no longer served me and my purpose. I delved deep into what my core values really were and what I needed to do to align my life with those values. I found happiness, I found a freedom I had never experienced before but most importantly I found myself!


My journey became more than my body. My body changing had simply become a bi-product of this new, incredible, healthy, free and fulfilling life I was living.


My connections became authentic and uplifting rather than for the purpose of validation or to be accepted.


I started to build myself from the inside out rather than the outside in and that was where I truly realised the magic I was looking for, was ultimately in the work I had been trying to avoid. So, I did the work!


My growth in this space was where I was able to discover my real why.

I wanted more. I wanted to share this experience with other women.

I found my passion.

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