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Ignite Coaching & Nutrition

Improve your relationship with your body
Improve your relationship with your mind
Improve your relationship with your food

Recomp your body and your life



    Ignite Independent

    8 week transformation & lifestyle packages

    Get the benefits of following a structured program with my two training only packages. 

    Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced gym gal, there's something for you.

    Upfront & Instalment options available


    Ignite Premium Coaching

    1:1 online & face to face training & nutrition 

    Get the benefits of having full support and accountability with this premium custom coaching service.

    Suitable for beginners right through to advanced. 

    Take your training and nutrition to the next level and get the results you've been seeking and sustain them!

    Conditions apply


    Meet Coach Erin

    founder & head coach

    Ignite Coaching & Nutrition

    Recomp your body and and your life

    I started Ignite Coaching & Nutrition, because of my own personal journey.

    It started as a journey focused on weight loss, but soon became a journey of discovery. Discovery of who I am, what I value, self love, self worth and everything in between.

    Now I get to share my passion of educating and empowering my fellow women so they to, can discover their own path to self love, self worth, self validation and lead the fulfilling life they have always longed for.

    Ignite, is not JUST about the recomposition of your body, but also, the recomposition of your life

    Find out more about my journey and what led me to where I am now.

    See what my clients have to say

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